20 March 2036


GiG Affiliates, takes great pride in ensuring that our brands are promoted with the utmost care in relation to regulatory body requirements. In order to maintain Global control and control marketing compliance on a world wide scale, we use the automated monitoring tool GIG Comply. With the integration of GiG Comply we are able to scan more than 25.000 website pages daily, ensuring our brands are promoted in a compliant manner. It helps us to locate ads on non-brandsafe sites as well as effortlessly check for the presence or lack of text, links, images, as well as the regulatory necessities such as 18+, begambleaweare, stödlinjen and so forth.

As Compliance monitoring and compliance checking overall has become a growing pain to uphold for many businesses, due to the time it consumes, time that otherwise could be used on focussing on growing your business, GiG Comply assists us in potentially avoiding financial and reputational losses as well as ensuring transparent compliant marketing efforts!

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