On this page you’ll find a range of tutorial videos for the two affiliate platforms we use at at GiG Affiliates

Getting Links in Income Access

  1. Select “Marketing Tools”
  2. Then “Get your Ads”
    • Select [BRAND],
    • Check “No Dimensions”
    • Search
  3. Extend to all records (X)
    • Page 1/X (X Record/s) 10 Per Page – insert X per page
  4. Press Search in the bottom left or the filter is going to reset on you
    1. Select tracking Profile/Site ID Preferences, i.e Which site or profile to generate the tracking code for or where the link is going to be tracking.
      1. Select “Update”
    1. Choose landing page by “Ad Name” column – e “Guts Casino Homepage – Global Link”
      1. Note: Geo targeted/Global Links = Verifies IP and sends user to their country page for higher conversions.
    2. Press + on your selected Ad
    3. The link in the “AdSearch_DirectLink” box = Your Tracking Link
    4. Copy link and use
    1. Change tracking profile preferences, update & grab a new link for another site ID.

Getting links in Netrefer

  1. Click “Media” on left side
    • Click “Media Gallery”
  2. In the middle of the screen click “+Filter”
    • Below this select [Brand] to filter
  3. Click “Types”
    • Below select “Text Link”
  4. Click “Search”
    • Select the preferred Landing Page
  5. Press </> (Get Code) on bottom right of media
  6. Select Marketing Source i.e. Site ID
  7. Copy Deep Linking URL (Second column/Topic)
  8. Copy link for use

Adding New Marketing Sources to Income Access

  1. On the left select “My Account”
    • Select “Your Tracking Profiles” below
  2. Below the list of marketing sources Enter new details
  3. Click “Submit”
IMPORTANT New tracking profiles in Income Access are set to default deal, at least with Income Access – always keep an open communication with your account manager before adding new tracking profiles so that we can apply the proper amendments in the backend.

Adding New Marketing Sources to Netrefer

  1. On left side click “Campaigns”
    • Click “My Marketing Sources”
  2. Select “Default Source Group” from dropdown menu on Marketing Source page
  3. On right side of page click “Create New”
  4. Fill out details
  5. Click save

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